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inetta's history began in 1957, with the Walklett brothers' first G1. Although G1 carried their dream, hope and possibility, it crashed just after going out of their house for test driving, then became scrap. However, the brothers then started building G2 which led to other models' productions.

G3 with GRP body and improvement frame was developed in 1960 then the Ginetta's biggest hit, G4 made it's debut at the London Racing Car Show in the following year. It brought brothers the substantial reputations and management foundation. The earlier G4s were small sports cars consisted round tube space frame chassis and GRP bodies. G4s appeared at circuits at the same time as the launch, made a big success and reputation for that name and existence.


With some improvement for the chassis and engine, G4 achieved brilliant record of 8 wins a season and the second place in 6 races in 1964, just 3 years after the debut. Remarkably, G4 easily replaced the course record held by the strongest racing machines, Porsche 904 at Ginetta's home ground, Snetterton circuit. g4 g12Such race records spread to the public and it reflected to the sales, more than 500 cars of production a year was recorded. There was an innovative version, G4R produced between 1964 and 1968. The Cars had disc brakes (front and rear), four-wheel independent suspensions and Lotus twin cam engines. During G4Rs were on circuits, the serious racing car, G12 was launched in 1966.


G12 bore mid ship engine layout and achieved the lap record at g4 g12 raceSilverstone on it's debut, followed by the class winning at Snetterton. G12 beat the enormous competitors such as 7 litre Shelby Cobra and Ford GT40 at Brands Hatch in 1967, G12 became an overnight sansation in the racing world. Among its' drivers, Willie Green who made his debut with G12 recorded the outstanding results; 11 wins in only a second half of the season in 1966. About 50 cars were produced in 1960s.

G4s' and G12s' re-production commenced at Ginetta Cars who was then building their new model G32 in 1989, the new era for G4 and G12 had begun 2 and a half years later.


The various improvement was applied during the g12 brakeproduction and we started getting involved after acquired the whole right to manufacture, re-design/modify, sell G4 and G12 back in 1992. We once used a sub-contractor for our production, however the cars manufactured and supplied outside our knowledge are not approved as official G4 or G12.


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